Are you a conscious entrepreneur who would like to move beyond the limitations that hold you back, so you can amplify your success, fulfillment and impact?

This is a FREE and LIVE event just for you!

No matter how successful, many entrepreneurs are held back from their full potential by:

❌ Limiting beliefs

❌ Finding it difficult to take action outside their comfort zone

❌ Unconscious or conscious resentments that keep them from their innate joy

❌ Their inner critic

Does this sound familiar?

If it does you are not alone!

It is very hard to fix our own mind with our own mind. This may sound obvious, but so many entrepreneurs are so focused on their business that they forget to work on the most important part of it....themselves!

Nurture yourself, you are your business.

Imagine achieving the SUCCESS, FULFILLMENT, and IMPACT you desire.

Wouldn’t that bring you incredible JOY?

Join us 24 - 27 Oct, 7pm PDT USA, which is 25 - 28 Oct, 10am in HK / SG / Perth


Say goodbye to procrastination, hello to activation!

Stop being held back by your limitations, so you can serve at your highest level, creating success, fulfillment, and impact for yourself and others.

What You Can Expect From Each of the 4 Days:

Day 1 – Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Brainstorm and list your limiting beliefs, so we can then work on them. Awareness is key!

  • Discover the underlying issues behind these with our quick method, which saves you loads of time on self-reflection if you did this on your own!

  • Go through each essential step of your Beliefs Results Cycle, so you are fully empowered to change what is holding you back.

Day 2 – Change Your Limiting Beliefs

  • We will use a series of very targeted questions about your limiting beliefs, which will weaken them very quickly.

  • Actively reframe your limiting beliefs, so you can start to dissolve them without wasting any more time being held back by them.

  • All the work up to this point is mute if we do not use our little know method of sealing in empowering beliefs, so you have the tools to truly free yourself.

Day 3 - Escape Your Comfort Zone

  • We will go through methods of pushing you beyond your current limitations, so you can start to get new results.

  • The secret to improving on any quality and taking action, so you can move beyond procrastination to really get things done.

  • We'll work on 6 key mindset areas that are essential to achieving your goals.

Day 4: Let's Release Those Resentments

  • Our resentment only hurt us, we will work on these so you have more awareness and are able to work on them.

  • Using a proven method we will develop resentment-crushing mantras, so that you can move beyond them and create a freer life.

  • You will have a tool to diminish or obliterate years of painful resentments, without having to actually do a lot of personal development work. You do not want to miss this!

Are you ready to…

… move beyond the limiting beliefs that hold you back from increased success and impact?

… get rid of years of baggage that simply doesn't belong in your life anymore?

… increase your ability to serve others up at your highest capacity?

… face new challenges without the fears that held you from your full potential?

But hang on a moment...

...there are so many “Gurus” out there who all seem to know it all….

So why should you listen to me?

Here are a few things which I would like to share with you, not to brag, but to show you that I not only walk the talk, but I bridge the spiritual/consciousness space with business strategy:

  • I am a certified life coach, have been a Reiki Master for 26 years, read the Akashic Records, and do other healing modalities.

  • I am the CEO of a wellness-based web3 company.

  • My last intuitive business strategy coaching program helped an amazing group of 5 conscious entrepreneurs achieve results well beyond their expectations.

  • I have been mentoring and working with people on everything from spirituality to business strategy for nearly 3 decades.

  • As a business strategy consultant, I helped businesses achieve 10x RIO.

  • I co-founded my first web development company in 1996, with Volkswagen as our first client.

  • I am not your guru, just a normal woman who has been in the mindful, healing space for quite a while.

But don't just take my word for it, here is what other's have to say:

Give yourself just an hour a day for 4 days
to benefit from the secret tools Sheli has used to guide other conscious entrepreneurs to release years of resentments, limitations and other issues that held them from back from amplifying their personal and business success, fulfillment and impact..

These are specific methods I used to break free from my own limiting beliefs to now be able to fearlessly live a life of purpose and fulfillment. 

This challenge will help you to save countless hours of self-development work and bring you greater ability and drive to do the work that only you can do.

My promise to you is that you will walk out of this challenge having felt a shift in how you think and work, which will allow you to SERVE people at a higher level.

Sheli Bowman

Is hosting this 4-day challenge.

Having a positive IMPACT on others is my deepest core value. Seeing others achieve SUCCESS and in turn, the deep FULFILMENT of IMPACTING others is my goal in life. This path leads to the pure JOY of being alive.

Not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it comes to my life vision & where I want to be.

I found myself in the corporate world, in a job that I lost passion for and which didn’t align with my core values.

I finally left that and started on the entrepreneurial path, but I was running a digital strategy company that soon felt like I was back in corporate life.

I live on a beautiful island in the South China Sea and barely made time to go to the beach. Also while I had a strong meditation practice, I was all but ignoring my gifts in more esoteric healing arts.

It dawned on me that I needed to combine my spiritual and strategic worlds. The resulting unique work has brought both JOY and EQUANIMITY and to my life and that of others.

I am now able to SERVE and IMPACT a much much greater number of my ideal clients, conscious entrepreneurs, with my EXPERTISE.

To be able to work as a conscious entrepreneur, with an intention of positively impacting the lives of others, it is absolutely necessary to have a strong foundation place for yourself.

Let’s make this foundation a very strong one click on the button below and to register for my 4-Day Liberate Your Limiting Beliefs Challenge:

Join us 24 - 27 Oct, 7pm PDT, which is 25 - 28 Oct, 10am Hong Kong / Singapore / Perth

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