Congratulations Impact-driven coaches, Lightworkers & Wellness Experts

You're crushing your 1:1 practice and clients are getting awesome results.

Now, would you like to scale? By creating an affordable membership and a high-ticket program in just 28 days, you can increase your consistent revenue, freedom and impact!

If you can commit to just 2 hours per day for 28 days, I will guide you to create and launch your own membership and high-ticket course!

Are you ready to…

Move beyond trading time for money?

Earn more, while working less?

Increase the effectiveness and systematic results of your existing courses or programs?

Launch with total confidence that you have the best systems for success?

Have the freedom to work from anywhere, whether that is Bali or home with your family?

Help more clients at a higher level?

Have FUN creating your dream course?!

By the end of 28 days, you will have all of the following personalized content you need to launch GENERATED FOR YOU:

  • Your entire course slides (USD 1,000)

  • 10 lead magnets to bring in a flood of new leads (USD 500)

  • Two proven ninja-level nurture email campaign sequences, 54 emails (USD 800)

  • Authority building video creation kit, to amplify trust and urgency in your audience (USD 400)

  • Perfect sales scripts that enroll prospects into your premium program on the 1st call (USD 500)

  • Lead magnet delivery sequence that drives leads to book calls (USD 500)

  • Booking application form to uncover the prospect's intent, urgency, and ability to become a client (USD 200)

  • 330 headlines and ad hooks that have proven to generate curiosity, clicks, and conversions (USD 3,300)

  • Everything you need for a high-converting video sales letter (VSL) that turns prospects into customers, no copywriting or hours spent formatting slides needed (USD 400)

  • Webinar invitation, confirmation, registration, and closing/replay email sequences (USD 400)

  • And much more value in the pipeline! (Priceless!)

And of course, the program includes all the training you need for success:

  • Twice weekly small group coaching calls where I outline your action steps and review your progress, a total of 6 months of support (USD 10,400)

  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions with Sheli to make sure you are on track (USD 1,200)

  • Access to your content generation platform for 6 months from the course start date, so that you can create as many courses as you want in that time! (USD 1,200)

  • 6-month support in our exclusive Quantum Course Creation Membership, where you can have your questions answered (USD 1,200)

  • VIP Access to all online challenges and events during the 6 months (USD 660)

  • BONUS: An special workshop on what platform is best for you to host your course on, this is very personal and you want to go with a platform that suits your tech skills while also offering your students the best experience (USD 200)

  • BONUS: Mindset training, to get out of your comfort zone, overcome imposter syndrome and work on other issues that can hold you back from having the confidence to launch and market your course (USD 3,600)

TOTAL VALUE: USD 7,200 + 18,460 = 25,660

The price for 6 months in our VIP Membership: USD 7,200


Imagine achieving your REVENUE goals, while working less.

Wouldn’t that bring you and your loved ones incredible JOY?

You can make this happen relatively quickly with our proven methodology and support!

A word from our current students...


Revenue in online education is projected to exceed USD 166 billion in 2023. That is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 9.22%, resulting in a projected market volume of over USD 237 billion by 2027.

In short, the online education industry is not going anywhere but up.
Don't you want to be a part of that growth?

If you are still hesitating please do the math. First, this course will be going up in price. Second, and more importantly, is the value of your missed opportunity. Conservatively, if you were able to sell just 3 courses at USD 5,000 per month, that is USD 180,000 per year of revenue that you are missing out on by not taking action now.
Just mull that over a bit.

Your Roadmap to Success...

Many successful and experienced coaches, lightworkers, and wellness experts, are held back from scaling their businesses with an online course because of the fears:

❌ Afraid you'll create a course that no one wants

❌ Overwhelmed by the tech involved

❌ Do not have the right marketing skills to actually launch a course

Sound familiar?

If so, you are not alone!

It is very hard to successfully create an effective course without three things:

✅ Commitment

✅ A proven process and system

✅ Support every step of the way

When you have all three, you are able create a course that better serves your current or potential clients, while also creating more revenue, freedom, and fulfillment in your own life.

Commit just 2 hours per day for 28 days, to have your high-ticket course created and ready to launch!

If you can fully commit yourself for just 28 days, you got this!

Hang on a moment...

...there are so many “Gurus” out there who all seem to know it all….

So why should you join this new program and work with me?

Here are a few things which I would like to share with you, not to brag, but to show you that I not only walk the talk, but I have a unique background to bring you results:

  • I have been mentoring and empowering people to make transformations in every part of their lives, from business strategy to mindset and spirituality for 3 decades.

  • My previous business strategy coaching program has helped impact-driven entrepreneurs build amazing businesses.

  • I have been creating and teaching courses for 25 years on a vast array of topics.

  • My corporate career was as the regional Brand Manager, Creative Director or Head of Digital Strategy for multinationals.

  • I had two digital marketing agencies and as a digital and business strategy consultant, personally helped businesses achieve 10x RIO.

  • I co-founded my first web development company in 1996, with Volkswagen as our first client. I get tech, but also know that many others find it overwhelming.

  • I have an MBA and am the CEO of a wellness-based web3 company.

  • I bridge a gap between the strategic and the esoteric, as a certified life coach, a Reiki Master for 26 years, and Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner.

  • I will bend over backward to get you awesome results (snuck this in here :)

  • I am not your guru, just a normal woman who has been in the teaching, business strategy, coaching, wellness, and course creation space for quite a while.

But don't just take my word for it...

Would you fully commit to your dreams for 2 hours per day for just 4 weeks if you knew it would significantly add to your consistent revenue and quality of life going forward?

We will be combining the success-oriented elements of my previous group coaching, with a proven methodology and platform to help you to launch your high-ticket course in just 28 days, so you can increase your revenue, freedom and impact. 

Sheli Bowman

The creator of this highly effective, holistic, and intensive program...

Why am I doing this? Good question.

Having a positive IMPACT on others is my deepest core value. Seeing others achieve SUCCESS and in turn, the deep FULFILMENT of IMPACTING others is my goal in life. This path leads to the pure JOY of being alive.

However, not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it comes to my life vision & where I wanted to be.

I found myself in the corporate world, in a job that I'd lost passion for and which didn’t align with my core values.

I started on the entrepreneurial path, but was running two digital strategy companies, trading time for money, which soon felt like I was back in corporate life.

I live on a beautiful island in the South China Sea and barely made time to go to the beach. While I had a strong meditation practice, I was ignoring life coaching gifts and my healing modalities.

It dawned on me that I needed to create a group program that both offered my gifts to more people, and gave me more time and money. The resulting unique programs have brought JOY, SUCCESS, and FREEDOM to both my life and that of my clients.

But there was one thing I noticed...

Many of my group coaching clients wanted to create a program or course themselves to offer their gifts! However, they were all overwhelmed by the tech, marketing and huge amount of content needed for course creation and marketing.

So I sought out a proven system to solve those exact problems.

I found a proven methodology plus content generation engine that takes away the struggles of course creation and launching, by providing ALL the customized material that is needed.

With my program, you will finally be able to create your dream course so that you can SERVE and IMPACT a much greater number of your ideal clients with your expertise while actually working less and earning more.

When click above you will be able to enter your details and make payment for this program.


Not all courses are the same and results may very. Some students with very large topic may take longer than others with simpler topics. Previous students with very broad topics were guided to creating multiple narrowed down topics that addressed specific issues. The results each student gets is based on their commitment and ability to do the work required to get results. The secret is....there is no secret sauce! There is no magic bullet. You commit, you show up for yourself daily and you will get results, but we cannot promise those results. But, you are always closer than you think, believe in yourself and you got this!

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